IFMEG can provide a range of analysis, strategic planning, evaluation, management and operational functions at all levels to clarify understanding and increase effectiveness for improvements towards Integrated Fire Management; including review, insights and advice on:


    Fire Analysis and Information

    • Organizational capacities & structural/functional framework
    • Facilitation of stakeholder meetings to develop cooperative agreements
    • Fire management planning, preparation & budget outlines
    • Remote sensing (fire monitoring & impact assessment, land use mapping)

      Fire Prevention and Sustainable Land Management
    • Fuels management and prescribed fire opportunities & applications
    • Community based fire management concepts & development
    • Forest & timber certification (eco-labeling)
    • Fire management and sustainable forest & land management practices

    Fire Preparedness

    • Basic/advanced firefighter training and equipment maintenance standards
    • Initial attack fire suppression equipment needs and acquisition
    • Fire suppression maps, suppression mobilization planning
    • Fire prevention and detection methods & procedures
    • Fire Danger Rating, Fire hazard/risk mapping
    • GIS (fire risk modeling, cartography)

    Fire Response

    • Strategic and tactical fire suppression guidance and advice
    • Logistical and tactical assistance


    • Post fire land-use and resource management planning
    • Ecological/economic impact assessments and rehabilitation




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