•  Alexander Hinrichs (Ph.D)
Sustainable forest & land management & timber certification, land-use planning, multi-stakeholder dialogue.

•  Anja A. Hoffmann
Tropical Fire Management & ecology, organizational development & change management, process consultation and facilitation.

•  Peter Moore (Ph.D)
Fire Management and Policy Specialist; Facilitator and Analyst; Organizational Structure and change

•  Gernot Ruecker ZEBRIS -
Fire risk mapping & modeling, sustainable resource management using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing.

•  Bradford M. Sanders - Wildland/prescribed fire management specialist.

Florian Siegert (Prof. Dr.) Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH (RSS)
Fire monitoring & impact assessment using remote sensing applications, fire ecology, land-use planning, nature conservation.


Associated Partner

  • Johann J. Goldammer (Prof. Dr.) - Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) - Fire management strategy and policy development at local, national and international levels, facilitator of the Global Wildland Fire Network; associated with the UN system




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