The Integrated Fire Management Expert Group (IFMEG) provides professional services and expertise in fire management and ecology, natural resource management, spatial planning, participatory land use planning and facilitation of stakeholder processes as well as state of the art Geographical Information System/Remote Sensing applications. Our experts have implemented fire and sustainable resource management programs world-wide for more than 20 years .


We offer expertise to individual land managers and concessionaires, government agencies and international development/support programs in defining and establishing an appropriate fire management system, part of a sustainable resource management framework.

In the past decade large, damaging wildfires burnt more than 100 million hectares of forested land, and many millions more hectares of other lands, causing severe impacts on the environment and human population. Wildfires

  • produce smoke, gases (some noxious) and create haze
  • contribute to global warming through emissions
  • degrade forestsand impact on biodiversity and wildlife habitat if the fire regime is not appropriate
  • create immediate and long-term impacts on the livelihoods of local communities and civil society
  • threaten the economic survival of forest enterprises striving for sustainable forest management and timber certification


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